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pittsburgh-engagement-photo-at-point-state-park-with-a-beautiful-sunset-in-the-backgroundEngagement session on the three rivers during sunsetAbby and Kevin during their engagement session


My fiance and I just got engaged and we are sitting here at the park wondering, now what do we do? I hear this question a lot and the simple answer is, that there really isn't a right or wrong answer. It all boils down to what you like and dislike. Now let's take a look at 21 things you should do now that you are engaged.


21 things you should do now that you are engaged


1 - Savor the moment

If you haven't done so already, take it all in and enjoy the moment with your partner. Chances are they spent a considerable amount of time planning out the proposal. You don't want to ruin it with wedding planning talk. Instead, talk about how the two of you met and just enjoy the love that you have for each other. You can also talk about your engagement photographs which will showcase the love that the two of you have for each other.


2 - Pedicure anyone?

I didn't even want to put this one in here but the more I thought about it, it's true, and being a wedding photographer, I should know better. Even if you aren't the type to get a pedicure, you should seriously consider one because everyone is going to be admiring your engagement ring. Also, you will be having your engagement photos shot at some point in the near future. So, if you have a pedicure done right away, you should probably consider having a second one just before your engagement photos. When I shoot engagement photos in downtown Pittsburgh, I always make sure to capture the ring. 


3 - Have your engagement ring insured and sized

The last thing you want is for your ring to get lost or stolen and it not be insured. And you also don't want to be wearing an engagement ring that doesn't fit. That can be very uncomfortable and if it's too big, that's a good way to lose it.


4 - Tell your family before you announce it on social media

Let your family and the people you are closest to know about your engagement before you announce it on social media because they deserve to hear it from you and not just see it online. Make a list of family and close friends that you should tell so you don't forget anyone. Some people get offended easily and if you forget to tell someone important, it might cause problems down the road, like at your wedding. 


5 - Announce it on social media

Now that your family and close friends know. It's time to announce it on social media if you want to. The easiest way to do this on Facebook is to change your Facebook status to engaged. It might not be your style to change your status and announce it on there, however, changing your relationship status from in a relationship to engaged, can allow people to target you in ads that better suit you. For example, when I run my free engagement session giveaways on Facebook through a Facebook ads campaign, the one targeting metric I use is for people who have engaged as their relationship status. 


engagement-ring-on-a-girls-hand-with-pittsburghs-oakland-neighborhood-and-the-cathedral-of-learning-in-the-backgroundThe cathedral of learning engagement ringRachel and Nick's University of Pittsburgh Engagement


6 - Do fun things while you are engaged

Do fun things with your partner and enjoy your engagement. Whatever the two of you are into. Plan a day and go to an amusement park like Kennywood if you are from Pittsburgh or you can simply have a picnic in a local park. You could even take a vacation together. There are so many fun things that you could do together. As long as the two of you are together and you get to celebrate your engagement is all that should matter.


7 - Join my VIP Bridal Facebook Group for Inspiration

One of the best ways to get inspired for your wedding is through a Facebook group and I have one that brides to be just love. Not only does the group have like-minded brides-to-be like you, but it also has a nice mix of brides that have gotten married but were in your same shoes at one time. It's a small group but it's packed full of useful info and inspiration. Just click the link and it will take you to the group -> Steve Skarupa Photography's VIP Bridal Entourage 


8 - Don't Stress

Relax and take it all in! Sound familiar? Well, it's true. It's easy to get stressed out during this time and it can be easy to take it out on your partner or even worse. Relax. This is a very happy time for you, your partner, and the love that the two of you have for each other. 


9 - Discuss the financials and create a budget

With your partner, discuss who will be paying for the wedding. Are the two of you paying for the wedding or will you have help from family members and if they are helping, how much are they going to contribute. Once you figure out those two things, you can then do a little bit of research on how much your vendors will cost. Once you determine those three things, you can not only set a wedding budget but a realistic one also. A lot of couples won't do their homework before setting a budget and end up over-budget. You might not have to set a budget at all and could skip this step completely.


10 - Decide what type of wedding you want to have 

By now, you might already know what type of wedding you want to have but if you don't, now is a good time to start the discussion with your partner. Are you going to have a traditional black-tie style wedding where the bride wears a traditional white dress and the groom wears a tux? Or are you going to have a boho-style wedding? There are so many different types of weddings and styles to choose from. No matter which one you are thinking about having, make sure you include your partner in the discussion. 


a-pittsburgh-couple-relaxing-near-the-fountain-at-point-state-parkChillin by the fountain during downtown engagement photosReferred to me from https://412brides.com


11 - Hire an engagement photographer

By now you have probably been looking at engagement photographs on Pinterest and saving your favorites. Hiring your engagement photographer is one of the first things you should consider because you will use the photos for your save the dates, wedding invitations, etc. Most wedding and engagement photographers have up to a six-week turnaround time especially if it's during peak wedding season. A lot of wedding photographers will include the engagement photos with your wedding package and that's something you should highly consider. By having your engagement photos shot by the same person that is going to photograph your wedding, you will get to know them and see how they work. I include the engagement photos with almost all of my wedding packages.


12 - Setup a wedding website 

While it might be a little early to set up your wedding registry, what you can do is set up a wedding website. Most wedding websites are free and will help you stay organized throughout the entire planning process. Places like Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Zola, all have free wedding websites. My personal favorite is Zola, but you can check out all three and see which one you like the best. I also highly suggest getting a binder with a paper notebook that you can also use for staying organized.


13 - Download a wedding planning checklist

There are a lot of free resources out there and a checklist will help you stay organized and on task. This way you will know exactly what you should be doing from the day you start wedding planning, all the way up to your big day. The best wedding planning checklist I have found and the one that I have my couples download is from 412brides. You can google search "412brides wedding planning checklist"


14 - Determine your bridal party

This falls right in line with your guest list. How big of a bridal party do you plan on having? Start with the maid of honor and the best man. Some couples only have a best man and maid of honor in the bridal party. I've photographed weddings where the bridal party was small and the biggest one I've shot to date had 21 people in the bridal party. No matter how big or small yours will be, just remember to count them in the total number of guests.


15 - Create your guest list

Start your guest list early. Get a rough estimate of how many total guests you are going to have so that when you start considering wedding venues, you will have a good idea of how big or small of a venue you will need. You will refine your guest list several times, so it's important to start it early. Remember, your bridal party and vendors also count as wedding guests. Some venues won't charge you for your vendors but you certainly want to plan on feeding them at your wedding. Just remember, when it comes to family and friends, you don't have to invite everyone!



unique-pittsburgh-engagement-session-with-a-smoke-grenade-in-the-backgroundMatt and Katrina's EngagementThey wanted unique so I used smoke grenades and backlighting for some cool effects


16 - Pick a few dates

It's hard to nail down an exact date without a wedding venue and more on that in a minute. You probably already have a wedding date in mind but if not, first think about what season you want to get married in. You can then select your main date and also two backup dates just in case. Once your venue is secured, you can finalize your date.


17 - Start your venue search

Now that you have a tentative date in mind, you should start looking at wedding venues. You should start your venue search and tours early because they book up quickly. You can even start this process right after you get engaged especially if you plan on going on a lot of tours. Whatever the case may be, I highly encourage you not to wait and put the deposit down on your dream wedding venue ASAP. If you are from Pittsburgh and you like uniqueness, Pittsburgh has some of the most unique wedding venues in the country. 


18 - Hire a wedding planner...yay or nay?

If you set up a wedding website, have your binder, and can relatively stay organized, you don't need a wedding planner for your entire wedding unless you want one. Wedding planners can be very expensive and can consume your wedding budget. You could even ask a family member like mom or dad to help you stay organized while planning your big day. Another option would be to hire a day-of coordinator instead of a full wedding planner. 


19 - Design your save the dates 

By now, you should have your venue secured with your date, your guest list finalized, and the photos back from your photographer. It's now time to design and send out your save the dates. There are many companies out there that will let you design them like Vista Print or Zola. Your photographer is also a good option for your save the dates. Once you get them back, send them out ASAP.


20 - Read blogs for inspiration

Read my blog for inspiration as you are just getting the planning process underway. Wedding planning can seem daunting but remember that part about no stress? When you have wedding blogs like mine that are committed to providing valuable content, there's no need to let the planning process get you down. Another good blog to read is from 412brides. You can google search for 412brides blog


an-engaged-couple-on-pittsburghs-north-shore-with-the-guy-kissing-the-girl-on-the-cheekA fun engagement session along the north shoreThe lights of the city in the background as this couple has fun during their pittsburgh engagement photo session


21 - Do something fun with your partner

Remember at the beginning how it said, do fun things while you are engaged? When you do something fun with your partner after you get engaged, it will help take the stress out of planning. You should plan a date night with your partner once a week or at least every other week. Sit down together and make a list of fun things that you can do together and then start checking them off one by one.

There you have it, folks. 21 things you could or should do now that you are engaged. You certainly don't have to do these things if you don't want to. But if you are wondering what to do, this is a good starting point.



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6 Unique Wedding Venues in Pittsburgh https://www.steveskarupaphotography.com/blog/2022/5/unique-pittsburgh-wedding-venues Top 6 Unique Pittsburgh Wedding Venues You May Have Never Heard Of


Or Maybe You Have?


Pittsburgh is a city with a rich history and culture. It's also home to some of the most unique venues that you'll ever find. From historic landmarks to quirky art galleries, Pittsburgh is full of one-of-a-kind wedding venues that will make your special day even more memorable.

Pittsburgh is not just the Steel City - it's also home to some of the most unique wedding venues in America. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive wedding venue in Pittsburgh or you don't have a budget, Pittsburgh has it. From art galleries to historic landmarks, Pittsburgh has something for every wedding couple. Here are 10 of the best wedding venues in Pittsburgh for your big day:


1) The Andy Warhol Museum

117 Sandusky Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Tel: 412.237.8300

The Andy Warhol Museum is part of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. Andy Warhol is a famous Pittsburgh Artist and had many celebrity friends. Have your wedding "All things Andy" with this beautiful Pittsburgh wedding venue. From the first-floor entrance space to the Warhol Theater, you can't go wrong with the Warhol Museum for your big day. You can check them out on their wedding wire page or visit the Andy Warhol Museum's website directly. 


2) The Westend Overlook

Marlow Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Tel: 412.937.3054

The West End Overlook is a great Pittsburgh wedding venue option, especially if you and your partner are looking for something casual, simple, yet memorable with an amazing view. The West End Overlook is located in Pittsburgh's Elliot neighborhood on Marlow Street and it sits in a municipal park. One of the best parts of the Overlook is the amazing view of the fountain at Point State Park where the Monogahela and Allegheny Rivers meet to form the Ohio River. You also have an awesome view of the skyscraper buildings that make up downtown Pittsburgh. And, you also have views of PNC Park, Heinz Field, and some of Pittsburgh's bridges. You can choose to have your wedding around sunset in the evening or during the day. Make sure you have your wedding after the spring bloom so your guests will have shade from the trees and other blooms around the park. The sunset view is simply amazing from the West End Overlook and the sunset colors can be equally spectacular. The only downfall to having your wedding at the West End Overlook is that there are no electrical outlets so come prepared and be sure to let all of your vendors know as well. Do not let this deter you from choosing to have your wedding here. You can still have a beautiful wedding at this awesome Pittsburgh wedding venue if you plan ahead of time. Pittsburgh Bridal can help you plan your big day!


3) Heinz Field

100 Art Rooney Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Tel: 412.697.7150


If you are a die-hard Steelers fan, what could scream Pittsburgh more than having your wedding at Heinz Field? Treat your wedding guests to bowl stadium seating as you and your partner get married in the endzone with this unique Pittsburgh wedding venue. They have two endzone ceremony options to choose from, as well as a bunch of indoor spaces for your reception. Heinz Field also has quite a few upgrades, such as custom terrible towels, an appearance by Steely McBeam, the Steeline Drum Band, and more. Have the wedding of your dreams with Heinz Field as your wedding venue and be the talk of your friends for years to come. 


4) The Carrie Furnaces

Rivers of Steel
The Bost Building
623 E. Eighth Avenue
Homestead, PA 15120

Tel: 412.464.4020


The Carrie Furnace aka a blast furnace is located along the Monongahela River in Rankin, PA, and has been abandoned since the 1980s. The blast furnaces that made up Carrie Furnace were built in 1884 and were shut down in 1982. The furnace played a huge role in Pittsburgh's steel industry as it would make the molten iron that would travel by railcar across the Monogahela River to be converted into steel as part of the Homestead Steel Works. The Carrie Furnace site was set to be demolished until was designated as a historic landmark in 2006. Carrie Furnaces 6 and 7 were once part of a bank of blast furnaces used to smelt iron for rolling mills across the river. Today they loom above the Monongahela like iron dinosaurs. These fossil furnaces are rare artifacts of America’s industrial history. No complete furnace plants from this period still exist in the United States. The Carrie Furnace site is now run by Rivers of Steel and appeals to modern-day couples as a unique Pittsburgh wedding venue. It has vast open spaces, unconventional ceremony sites, and offers a unique backdrop for your wedding photographer. Let's not leave out the graffiti wall. Rivers of Steel has formed a partnership with local graffiti artists and they let them paint on one of the walls on the property. Once a year, they paint the wall black and bring in graffiti artists to have at it. This way it keeps the graffiti off of the furnaces and other parts of the property. You can download the pdf brochure for Carrie Furnaces here and make this place your unique Pittsburgh wedding venue. 


5) The Mattress Factory Museum

500 Sampsonia Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Tel: 412.231.3169


The Mattress Factory Museum is certainly a unique Pittsburgh wedding venue that has quite the backdrop. Although the museum focuses on contemporary artwork, the name pays homage to its heritage. Located in the heart of the city, the building that it sits in was built in 1900 and housed the Stearns and Foster Mattress Factory. Barbara Luderowski purchased the property in 1975 and turned it into an art museum that it still is today. As a Pittsburgh wedding venue, The Mattress Factory offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for its clients. During the warmer months, the glass doors open to allow you and your guests to enjoy both the lobby and their partially-tented Winfred Lutz Garden. Dancing under the stars while sipping cocktails anyone? At the Mattress Factory, they celebrate art you can get into, and this experimental spirit ensures that your wedding will be as creative and unique as their art with this Pittsburgh wedding venue. Check out their page on theknot.com/mattressfactory 


6) Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

799 Pinkerton Run Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15071

Tel: 412-444-4464


If you have never visited Pittsburgh Botanic Garden before, it's definitely a bucket list type of place that you want to visit. Not only is it a hidden gem just to visit any day of the week, but it also makes for a beautiful Pittsburgh wedding venue. Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is centrally located between Pittsburgh International Airport and Downtown Pittsburgh. They have 60 acres of lush and unique plantings that are just breathtaking. As a Pittsburgh wedding venue, romantic plantings encompass the stone wall in the Pierce Celebration Garden. A modern, rustic charm awaits the restored 1807s barn in a climate-controlled reception area which they call their events center. They even provide their own vendor team if you wish to go that route for your big day. Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is my favorite of all of the venues listed. You can visit their website at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden 


Pittsburgh is full of unique wedding venues. Some of them are historic landmarks and tourist attractions. Most of them are also hidden gems. Even if you aren't in the market for a unique wedding venue, you should definitely take these six wedding venues into consideration for your special day. 

What Are Some Unique Wedding Venues In Pittsburgh?

For a more in-depth and extensive list, be sure to check out 17 unique wedding venues in Pittsburgh!

If you are having an engagement party, wedding shower, birthday party, or want unique wedding favors, visit My Wedding Favors (this is an affiliate link) and check out all of the neat stuff they have!


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